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Brian Shaw


It's not always about where you've been, but where you are going. I started late in life as an Actor and Entertainer. It has always been my "thing", but sometimes life gets in the way.


When I was younger I trained at Drama School and then went on to Drama College, but the pressure is always there to get a "proper job" so you can pay the bills. Then something comes along and tells you to sort it out, get off your backside and do something about it. Thank goodness for my mid-life crisis.

So in my adult years I went for it and trained part time at Tech Music School and then at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. You never stop learning and training is ongoing thanks to the Actors Centre in London.


Words can't express the joy it gives me when I walk onto a stage or when I get to be someone else for a while. Then there is that buzz you get from making the audience feel it too. Whether you make them laugh or make them cry, you pull them into your story and for one brief moment you are all in the same world.

When I look back to those younger days, perhaps I was not quite ready to throw myself into the business. I may have made too many mistakes. Now I'm old enough to learn from them (well most of them) and I am loving every single day.

So let's raise the curtain and give 'em a show!

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